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Welcome to Maize Middle School and the sixth grade.  We are expecting an exciting year filled with learning, change, and growth for us all.  We have worked hard preparing for the school year and look forward to sharing a variety of rewarding educational experiences.

In the following pages you will find: policies, expectations and subject area summaries.  We encourage you to take time to read and review this with your young person.  Please bookmark for future reference.  If you have any questions or concerns contact us at 729-2464 or by email;,,  Email is the best way to reach us.  Buchanan/Sailer plan time is from 7:30-8:18 and Mr. Greer's plan time is 8:22-9:08.  Best wishes for the coming year!

He lifts her over the snow drifts,

when maybe the thing to do

is bundle her up, wish her well,

and let her plow on through.


2013-2014 SCHEDULE 

6th Grade                                                      7th-8th Grade

7:30-8:18      1st Period                      7:30-8:18      1st Period

8:22-9:08      2nd Period                     8:22-9:08      2nd Period

9:12-9:58      3rd Period                      9:12-9:58      3rd Period

10:02-10:48  4th Period                     10:02-10:48    4th Period

10:52-11:30  1st Lunch                       10:52-11:38    5th Period

11:34-12:20  5th Period                      11:42-12:20    2nd  Lunch

12:24-1:10    6th Period                      12:24-1:10      6th Period for 2nd Lunch

                                                         11:42-12:28    6th Period for 3rd  Lunch

                                                         12:32-1:10      3rd Lunch

1:14-2:00      7th Period                        1:14-2:00      7th Period

2:04-2:30      Encor                              2:04-2:30      Encor  

General Policies

Assignment Policies

1)  All written assignments are due at the beginning of the class on the next day unless otherwise specified.

2)  Late work is not acceptable.  Any work not received on time will receive a “0”.  The student will be given an additional educational activity as well as being responsible for completing the assignment.  A lunch detention will be given if the activity and lesson are not turned in by the next day.  No credit will be given for the assignment.  Getting work in on time is part of the process of becoming a responsible person.

3)  Make up work is only accepted for excused absences.  For each day missed the student will have two days to make up the work.  If only 1/2 day is missed, all daily assignments are due the next day.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all work has been turned in to the appropriate teachers and all make up tests are completed.

4)  Work is to be done in pencil only.  Checking of papers will be completed in ink.  It is the student’s responsibility to always have a spare pencil.

5)  No name papers receive no credit.

6)  Assignments must be written in the assignment book.  These organizational tools will be checked periodically.

7)  A heading must be on all papers.  This heading must include:  name (first & last), date, page number, homeroom teacher, and hour.


1)  The grading scale for grade six is printed in the district calendar.

2)  Grade reports will be sent out frequently by email.  Most weeks progress reports are sent out on Friday, but short weeks or beginning or ends of quarters may alter this schedule.  Progress reports may also be sent out when a student gives us a particularly lame excuse for why he/she did not complete an assignment.  (“The dog ate my homework.”)  Families without an email address will receive printed progress reports periodically to sign and return.

Using Skyward, parents are able to access their student’s grades at any time by using a password.  If you don't know your password, contact the MMS office.

“No person rises to low expectations.”


1)  Classroom rules

Follow directions.

All students must have a free reading book at all times.

Be in your chair and prepared at the beginning of class.

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

No food, gum, or candy unless authorized by the teacher.

Maintain order in the halls in consideration of others.

2)  Lockers

Jackets and book bags should be left in the student’s locker.  Students who leave items in homeroom desks will receive an additional educational opportunity.  (Useful Information)  Supplies need to be taken to class.  Students will not be allowed to return to their lockers after class has started.  Lockers should be locked between classes.  Tape should not be used on lockers.

3)  Supplies

It is important that students have all necessary supplies at the beginning of the year.  If a supply runs out, it should be replaced as soon as possible.  Please label all items before bringing them to school.  Students will need to have P.E. shoes to change into at school.  It is the student’s responsibility to have all supplies for each class at the beginning of the class period.  They will not be allowed to return to their lockers.

4)  Tardies

Students who are late for class must have a pass.  Chronic tardy behavior will result in after school detentions through the office.


1)  Assignment Coupons

Assignment coupons will be issued to students to be used for late assignments or low scores.  Students will be given two coupons per subject for the first nine weeks, one coupon per subject for the second nine weeks, two coupons that can be used for any subject the third nine weeks, and no coupons for the last nine weeks.  Coupons may be used for free daily assignments.  These should be used only when needed.  Coupons that have not been used can be turned in on the due date.  For each coupon turned in, one of the student’s most damaging grades will be dropped.

2)  Additional Educational Activities/Lunch Detention

Additional educational activities are assigned to students who do not complete assignments.  Lunch detention will be served by students who do not complete these activities.  The same applies to those who are disruptive to the class.  Detention will be served in the room of the team teacher on detention duty.  Students must report to the detention room with all supplies after lunch.  No talking will be allowed.

Late work completed in detention will not receive credit, but will be evaluated.  Students who make a habit of serving detention will be required to have a parent conference.  We are not expecting to have many students in lunch detention.  However, it is in place if necessary.

3)  Phone Calls by Students

Student cell phones are to be turned off and placed in the locker when the student arrives at school and retrieved when it is time to go home.  As stated in the staff handbook, “Please do not send students to the office to call home if they have forgotten something.”  This includes a permission slip, band instrument, lunch, or homework.

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