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From letters from parents

***** is now Dr. *****, but she still talks about Mr. Greer being her favorite teacher.

Things are going well with ***** this year.  Thanks for all your hard work with him.

I wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the school year.  As I'm sure you know, the way the class work was set up forced **** to mature and take responsibility for himself.  It took me out of the picture which was exactly what **** and I needed.   I know he had a great time this year and enjoyed all of his classes.  Thank you for a great year

***** really enjoyed having you for a teacher.  Thank you for tolerating his sometimes strange (Well, OK, mostly strange--I blame a tumble down the stairs as he was learning to crawl) take on life, and for all you have done to help him become a well-rounded individual.  I appreciate your sense of humor (goodness knows you need it with *****) and your efforts toward his education.

Thank you so much for teaching ***** this year.  You have truly made a difference in his attitude about school.  He also learned how to respect teachers and that he is not in charge of the class!  That is a first for him.

I really like your system for going over math corrections with small groups of "customers."  It makes so much sense.

I tell my friends that Marilyn vos Savant is listed in the Guinness Book as having the highest IQ, but if she doesn't know, ask Mr. Greer.  He's pretty sharp.

***** and I think very highly of you and Mrs. Buchanan.  The two of you have made this year enjoyable for ***** in addition to the education she received.

Thank you for being such a great teacher and mentor to *****.  Your time and patience has not gone unnoticed and we are most grateful for the "life" lessons you have taught ***** and her classmates throughout the year.

Thank you for making *****'s first year in public school a good experience for her.  The last two years have brought a lot of changes in her life.  I was worried that school might have been too much.  However, with your help she seems to be doing just fine.

Thanks for making school fun and for your concern for our daughter.  What a wonderful year this has been for *****.  She has especially enjoyed your jokes.

Thanks for helping ***** have a positive year.  After his fifth grade year, we were afraid of what might happen.  But, it was all good.

Thank you so much for the great year.  ***** has really enjoyed you and all your silly jokes.  ;-)  We appreciate all you do for her and all the great support you give to her.

Are you sure you won't consider going up to seventh grade so ***** can have you for a math teacher again?

Thank you for the creative instruction and attentive care you have given ***** and her classmates this school year.  We have enjoyed being a part of the Greer-Buchanan Team.

Thanks for your time and patience this year.  ******** seems like a different child as far as school is concerned.  He really enjoyed having you as a teacher.  It is encouraging to us as parents to see our child enthusiastic about learning and really caring about his grades.  Teachers make a difference, especially with middle school kids.

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