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2013-2014 SCHEDULE 

6th Grade                                                      7th-8th Grade

7:30-8:18      1st Period                      7:30-8:18      1st Period

8:22-9:08      2nd Period                     8:22-9:08      2nd Period

9:12-9:58      3rd Period                      9:12-9:58      3rd Period

10:02-10:48  4th Period                     10:02-10:48    4th Period

10:52-11:30  1st Lunch                       10:52-11:38    5th Period

11:34-12:20  5th Period                      11:42-12:20    2nd  Lunch

12:24-1:10    6th Period                      12:24-1:10      6th Period for 2nd Lunch

                                                         11:42-12:28    6th Period for 3rd  Lunch

                                                         12:32-1:10      3rd Lunch

1:14-2:00      7th Period                        1:14-2:00      7th Period

2:04-2:30      Encor                              2:04-2:30      Encor  


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If you scrolled down this far by accident, this recording is Mr. Greer playing all the instruments and singing all the parts.

You Don't Love God If You Don't Love Your Neighbor.mp3