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(From letters received 1-10 years later)

I always looked forward to going into your classroom.

You really helped keep me on the right track.

I know that if I was upset about something, I'd be happy after your class.

Thank you so much for coming to visit me in the hospital.  Now I know that you love me, you really love me!  tee hee  P.S.  Guess who made all A's this quarter?

I think you are the best teacher ever.

Thank you for teaching me the basics about school.  Right now I am holding an A in my Algebra class.  Plus, I am one of the top grades!

You taught me well with math.  So far this school year my math grades have been very good.  You are the one who taught me all the things I needed to know.

Thanks for being such great teachers!  I have a 93% in math!  Those copies have even helped me in my classes!

I got more information in my brain than any other class.  I never really learn things like that anymore.  You were not only making people smart, but you were funny, too.  Thank you for storing information in my brain.

Your teaching made an everlasting effect on me.  I feel that in sixth grade I learned more about life and math than in any other year.  They way you taught made it very enjoyable to learn.  I would do anything to be back in my sixth grade classroom once again.  You are the teacher of all teachers.

I just wanted to let you in on a little formula that we have been using in 7th grade, the old Pie R Square!  And thanks to the formulas that you made us learn last year, 7th grade Pre-Algebra is a breeze!  Thanks.  In Pre-Al I am pulling off an A- (92%) in that class!  Thanks a bunch and tell those kiddos of yours that they better pay attention and it will all work out in the long run!

I'm in eighth grade now and I'm still using that stuff you showed me.

I wanted to thank you for being my teacher.  Oh, and thank you for always saying a funny story or joke.  Just thank you for being an all around great teacher.

Wow!  It's been an entire year since you have been my math teacher and I can still say without any doubt you were the best and my favorite teacher.  Plus, you were a great comedian!  I hope the students in your class now appreciate your teaching skills and your jokes as much as I did.

Even though I wasn't the greatest at math, I still enjoyed coming to math class in 6th grade because you made it fun.

I really appreciate you teaching us in a fun way and you made sure that the lessons stuck in our heads.  I still remember all the little tricks you told us last year.  These tricks helped me with math this year and at the end of the year I had 104%!  I thank you because it really helped me learn more and expand my knowledge in math.

Mr. Greer, you are a great math/science teacher.  Thank you for helping me develop skills to help my life.

(From the English assignment, ďLooking Back On Sixth GradeĒ)

            Mr. Greer and Mrs. Buchanan have taught me a lot, stuff that will benefit me in my future.  I never really liked math until this year.  Mr. Greer changed that for me.  He is a wonderful math teacher, and now I am beginning to get math.  He makes it much easier to understand since he is a math expert.  On the other hand, there is Mrs. Buchanan.  She is just as great a teacher as Mr. Greer.  She is very tough, but she really tries hard to get all the information in our heads.  After all the worksheets and her teaching, I actually get what I am doing.  I always learn something by the time I walk out of class.  They both do really well on preparing me for seventh grade.  I never realized that at the beginning, but now I do.

            To tell you the truth, before I walked into sixth grade, I was never organized.  I was a slob.  My room was always dirty and my binder; letís not even talk about that.  My teachers changed that for me.  They made me realize that being organized will make you a better student.  That idea wasnít so bad.  Now I have more time for the fun things because I donít have to worry about turning in my work.

            Iíve been happier this year than last year with my teachers.

            When I first came to sixth grade, I thought that it was going to be so hard, and we would have so much homework, and we would never have any fun.  Well, I was right about one thing, we do have a lot of homework!  But not too much homework that I donít have time to do anything else.  Also, I was wrong about not having fun because I have tons of fun each day!

            I think the best thing about this year is that Mr. Greer lets me do a lot of computer work that other teachers never let me do.  I also enjoyed the numerous extra computer projects he gave me.

            This was a good year.  I learned lots of stuff, some if it even interesting.

            I have more respect for deadlines, and I do my work better.

            I learned a lot more this year than I did last year.  The subject I have improved on the most is math, just because a teacher named Mr. Greer taught me how to do it right.

            Mr. Greer and Mrs. Buchanan have taught me a lot this year.  They are such great teachers, and they also helped me to get organized for seventh grade.  I love being in sixth grade with Mr. Greer and Mrs. Buchanan.

            Mrs. Buchanan has taken out her time through 180 days of school to help us reach our goals.  Thatís probably what I depended on the most throughout the year.  A teacher that you can count on, and depend on is always what I look for in a teacher.  Mrs. Buchanan has reached the full 100% standard of what I require!

            My teachers have taught us A LOT!  If I look back and see how much my past teachers have taught me, you can definitely tell the difference.

            I want to thank Mrs. Buchanan and Mr. Greer for the best time in the world.

            Well, let me just say I have some really nice teachers.  I got lucky to have these teachers.  At the beginning of the year, I thought this will be easy.  O boy did I get a wake-up call!  I got a kick in the face from the real world!  My experience from this year has changed the way I look at school and the way I think about every thing that has to do with school.  Which is a good thing.

It was an interesting experience being in Mr. Greer's class and it changed me for the better.  My sixth grade year was a great learning experience and an adventure I will never forget.

It's the last month of the year, and I love my teachers!

Mrs. Buchanan is a great teacher.

Sixth grade has been fun.  Now I'm ready for seventh grade.  My teachers have prepared me well.

This year was the best school year ever.  They would let us do so much cool stuff.

Mr. Greer is hard, but he gets you ready for seventh grade.

Mr. Greer is strict, but you can have fun.

Sure, Mr. Greer's jokes can be lame sometimes, but I still laugh at them.

Mr. Greer and Mrs. Buchanan may have made me mad at times and to tell the truth, I made myself mad.  But after my grades dropped to F's and D's, then I knew they were right.  The assignment notebook is very important.  They have been a HUGE help this year and I would have them as my teachers again if I could. 

Sixth grade has been really fun and exciting for me.  I've become friends with people I never knew until this year.  I had two really good teachers who taught me a lot.

Sixth grade wasn't like I thought it would be.  I thought it was going to be boring and hard.  But it turns out that I had a fantastic year.  If you're in fifth grade or lower, don't worry if you're in Mrs. Buchanan's or Mr. Greer's class.  You'll have a lot of fun.

I didn't think I could make it with two hard teachers because all my other teachers had been somewhat nice.

After they told me what they expected I got a little freaked out because I had never had teachers like that before.  So, I thought of some things I could do to get myself through the year.  1.  Get on their good side.  2.  Never get into any trouble.  3.  Get good grades.  4.  Give them lots of chocolate.  Once I got used to their routines, I knew I was going to be OK.

I started liking my teachers more and more each day because I realized they aren't into the whole "fun thing," but they really do teach me.  I have enjoyed being in a class where I can understand all that we are being taught and learning.  Mr. Greer goes through the lesson each day and makes what we are learning clear.  He shows us almost all the possible ways to do a problem, not just one.  Last year I didn't really understand English that much, but this year Mrs. Buchanan has gone through and made sure we know what we are learning and that it makes sense to us.  My experience in being in their class has been amazing.

Looking back now on how scared I was to finally be walking down the sixth grade hallway I get a little laugh.

Sixth grade wasn't as bad as my friends told me it would be.  It was where I became more responsible and mature.

I have to admit, sixth grade has been fun.  My teachers are cool and I have at least three new friends.  Who could ask for more?

My school year has been great.  I learn something new every day.

Math class was the one I needed help the most on, and Mr. Greer gave me the boost I needed to get on the level everyone else was on.  If I had a problem, all I had to do was ask.

English, just the word used to make me nauseous, but Mrs. Buchanan showed me the way around that obstacle.  Thank you for helping me understand something I hadn't gotten in years.

Mr. Greer was my first male teacher.  I was a little scared on how it would turn out, but it was great.  I have always loved math, but now I love it ten times more.

Mrs. Buchanan will always be remembered for making English fun for me.  I never really liked it or got all the nouns and verbs.  Thanks to Mrs. Buchanan, I understand it all.

In the third nine weeks, my grades dropped like a rock.  It's mostly because I wasn't turning in my work.  Things were horrible because I got LAZY!  I found out that turning in your work on time is easier than doing it at recess.  The fourth nine weeks is OK now that I've learned my lesson.  This year was one of my best years.

Mrs. Buchanan and Mr. Greer are both my favorite teachers I've ever had.

I have learned so much in math you won't believe it.  I used to be really bad at math, but when I came to Mr. Greer's class, I learned so much.  I actually like math now and it is fun.

Mrs. Buchanan and Mr. Greer haven't just been good teachers, they've been our friends as well.  Whenever something is going on, I feel I can talk to them about it.

I liked having Mrs. Buchanan as a teacher because we had a whole lot of fun!

I really can't think of a down side that I had in sixth grade.  I got to make new friends, have a fun time, and learn some new things.  What else do you want in school?

During the year my grades were slipping and school work was becoming harder and harder.  Now my grades are coming back because I am working harder.  My teachers can seem mean, but they push you to get better and get you prepared for seventh grade.  This year was the best ever.

This year Mrs. Buchanan and Mr. Greer were the best teachers I have ever had.  No kidding about that.  They are really nice.

Thanks for the wonderful year of memories at school.  I loved your jokes and told them to my family.  I am going to miss your type of teaching!  I thought your drawings were a good way to teach the subject.  There are a lot of things I wish you could teach me still.  I know the next teacher I have is not going to be better than you!

My homeroom teacher, Mr. Greer, always had something funny to say.  My other teacher, Mrs. Buchanan, is just as funny.  Mr. Greer and Mrs. Buchanan are two of the best teachers anyone could ever possibly have.

I liked my teachers.  Mrs. Buchanan is strict, but nice.  All teachers should be like that!

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